Custom-designed Pallets

Consulting on “closed loop” (you keep the pallet in your organization and use it for re-shipping) and “open loop” (you pack the pallet, ship it and never see it again) pallet systems is available.

Closed-loop pallets tend to be of a higher quality, since businesses want to get as much possible use from each pallet. Open-loop pallets need to get the product where it is going, and then they can be recycled or remanufactureed.

McNeilly Wood Products can consult with any business on shipping, warehouse or containment pallets.


New products can often require specially designed pallets. McNeilly’s custom pallets include those used for transporting gold bars (small, strong pallets); for the pharmaceutical industry (special sizes for different types of drugs); and for breweries and distilleries (pallets that help balance large liquid loads). Pharmaceutical and other clean industries benefit from McNeilly’s dust-free environment when creating specialty pallets.

Often, manufacturers designing new products don’t think about the storage or shipping requirements soon enough in the process.

McNeilly’s expert staff will speak with, or meet with, manufacturers to explain the various options and costs of creating specialty pallets. McNeilly’s staff can help explain and set up entire shipping processes.