New Pallets

New standard pallets are assembled using Viking high-speed nailers at a rate of 1,900 pallets per eight-hour shift. Specialty pallets are assembled using pneumatic hand nailers. Lumber for the new pallet manufacturing is cut on our own Brewer Re-Saws. Specialty four-way notching and chamfering are also produced on high-speed Brewer equipment manufactured specifically for the pallet industry.

McNeilly Wood Products, Inc. can custom cut and assemble large quantities with its own staff; no orders are sent to brokers!


Different types of pallets include:

  • Heat-treated Pallets
    • Pallets treated to 140 degrees to meet ISPM-15 requirements for export.
  • ISPM-15 Compliant Pallets
    • Pallets Heat-treated for export.
  • Costco-style Block Pallets
    • A pallet used by COSTCO warehouses.
  • One-time-use Pallet
    • A pallet built to ship from a manufacturer that will never see it again.
  • CPC Pallets
    • Pallets used by the chemical industry.
  • Warehouse Pallets
    • Pallets, usually high quality, to stay within a warehouse.
  • Drum Pallets
    • Pallets designed to carry 55-gallon drums.
  • Hardwood Pallets
    • Pallets made from hardwood species.
  • Multiple-stringer Pallets
    • Pallets designed with more than three stringers to hold heavier loads.
  • Single-face Pallets
    • Pallets with top deck boards only.
  • Military Pallets
    • Pallets designed and made to military specifications.
  • Flush Pallets
    • Pallets nailed with decking flush with stringers.
  • Wing Pallets
    • Pallets nailed with deckboards hanging over the stringers (for strength).
  • EURO Pallets
    • Pallets designed and in use in the European Union.
  • Export Pallets
    • Pallets used to be shipped overseas (most likely also heat treated).
  • Re-Manufactured Pallets
    • Pallets made from previously used components.
  • Reconditioned Pallets
    • Pallets repaired to their original manufactured state.