Pallet Disposal (we want your pallets):

McNeilly Wood Products, Inc. wants your pallets!

In some instances, you can be paid.

Here’s how it works for large companies with many pallets:

McNeilly Wood Products has a fleet of more than 75 trailers for pallet/scrap removal. The most cost-effective method to remove pallets is with a drop-and-hook approach. Trailers are dropped at customer locations. When the trailer is full, customers call and arrange to have an empty van dropped in its place. In addition, live loads of pallets can be arranged for customers without available dock space.

For companies with fewer pallets:

McNeilly Wood Products wants your pallets, too. However, unless businesses have a tractor-load, McNeilly cannot pick up the pallets. Several companies can band together to have their pallets picked up at one location. Or, several businesses close to one another can call McNeilly and see if pickup can be arranged.

For individuals or companies with fewer than 25 pallets:

McNeilly will accept pallets if they are delivered. Please call the office for details.

Pallets that are accepted for disposal may be remanufactured, reconditioned or recycled into mulch or sawdust.

McNeilly Wood Products, Inc. runs its own fleet of tractor-trailers. We specialize in trailer drops for pallet removal from distribution centers. Orders can be customized between both new and reconditioned pallets.