Reconditioned Pallets

Reconditioned pallets are processed in the newly constructed pallet sorting and repair building. Incoming pallets are sorted by size, repairability, and quality. Pallets for repair are placed at multiple repair stations, repaired, and then quality control checked. McNeilly Wood Products, Inc. handles more than 1.5 million incoming pallets per year.

The reconditioned pallet department is broken into four units: pallet separation, pallet repair, pallet dismantling and quality control.

The pallet separators pull out usable-size pallets, unrepairable pallets (to be ground into mulch or shavings), and pallets to be disassembled that are used for repairing pallets and/or made into custom re-manufactured pallets.

Pallet repairers remove and replace broken or missing boards from existing pallets. Pallet dismantlers take apart pallets; individual components are then cut to size for orders and re-nailed. Quality control inspects repairs done to pallets and assures that pallets are assembled according to customer specifications.