Wholesale Dyed Mulch & Sawdust

McNeilly Wood Products, Inc. produces more than 20,000 tons of mulch each year. Available in minimum orders of 100 cubic yards, we deliver quality mulch from our facility in Campbell Hall, NY.

Where does the mulch come from?

In 1998, McNeilly Wood Products, Inc. entered the wholesale mulch business as a way to eliminate wood waste generated by our facility. We produce thousands of pallets daily and process over 1 million incoming pallets annually–that creates a lot of waste in the form of broken pallets and wood trimmings from sawmill processes.

We take environmental responsibility seriously, and that waste doesn’t end up in landfills. Instead, we process those wood scraps into high quality mulch for use in landscaping and bedding industries.

Sawdust for animal bedding also available

We constantly cut lumber for pallet assembly, so our saws produce tons of sawdust throughout the year. This absorbent product is untreated, and smells like fresh-cut wood.

The shavings are perfect for use as equine, canine or bovine bedding, in rings at equestrian or canine facilities or shows, in cages at zoos, and at dairy farms. Talk to our sales department about sourcing sawdust for your facility.

Does this mulch contain nails?

No nails here! We keep our mulch safe with the power of magnets.

We are happy to report that our mulch is nail-free and safe to use for all applications.

When pallets and wood waste go through the grinding operation, wood and nails initially go through together. At the top of the conveyor pulley is a high-powered magnet. It’s strong enough to steal your phone or keys if you get too close, so it’s strong enough to catch any unwanted metal in the mulch!

When nails hit the magnet, they stay on the belt—wood chips go one way and nails another. The nails fall into a scrap bin which eventually fills a dumpster that is picked up by a trusted scrap metal firm who will process and recycle that metal to further reduce waste.

Pallet Mulch vs. Natural Mulch

Our mulch keeps its color and stays mold-free.

Natural and organic products are great, but when it comes to mulch products, they can cause more harm than good.

Natural mulch is prone to mold and may even contain fungus spores when it arrives. This can be unsightly in landscaping use and public works, and it can be difficult to treat safely. Natural mulch also tends to fade faster, so if you’re looking for dyed mulch that stays vibrant, look elsewhere. 

Alternatively, our mulch stays mold-free and holds its color. We do not mulch wood treated with pesticides or chemicals, so you are getting quality wood mulch free from additives. If you have any questions about appropriate uses for mulch, our sales team can help you find the right solution.

Request bulk mulch or bedding

Speak to our sales team to arrange your local mulch delivery. You may fill out our webform, or call us directly to speak to our team.