Remanufactured Pallets

Remanufactured pallets are produced using dismantled parts from used pallets, which are then cut to customer-specific sizes for re-use. Using reman pallets is a recommended way for businesses with custom pallet needs to save materials and money.

About reman pallets

Also known as hybrid, combo, or rebuilt pallets, remanufactured pallets provide quality shipping materials for less money. We sort and evaluate over 1.5 million incoming pallets per year, and if contains good wood but isn’t easily repaired, we salvage the parts and remanufacture them into usable pallets again.

Unlike reconditioned pallets which have simply been repaired, reman pallets have been fully disassembled and reconstructed. These pallets can be produced using new or used lumber components, or a combination of each. Not only are these a budget-friendly option, they are also environmentally-friendly and can even be assembled to custom specifications. Consider reman pallets for your next shipment.

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