Used Pallets

Used pallets are a cost-effective alternative to using pallets made from newly cut lumber. We sell both A and B grade used pallets and can provide heat-treated versions of both types.

Used Pallet Types & Sizes

We repair pallets of many different dimensions, primarily 48″x40″. We also accumulate, repair, and sell other common sizes such as 48″x40″ 4-stringer pallets, 48″x48″, 48″x36″, 44″x44″, 36″x36″, and Euro block pallets. For a recommendation on the best used pallet for your company please contact our Sales department.

If you require custom-sized used pallets, ask about our remanufactured pallets . These are a budget-friendly option that utilizes reclaimed lumber just like used pallets, and they can be assembled to any specification required.

Capacity & Orders

Our daily capacity is in excess of 4,000 used 48″x40″ pallets per day. Please contact us for full or half trailer load deliveries. We are also able to accommodate customer pick ups for quantities less than half a trailer load (260 48×40 pallets).

On-site pallet management

We haul away broken pallets and deliver replacements at the same time

For customers needing at least two trailer loads of repaired pallets per month, we are able to leave a trailer at your location. This can be filled with pallets in need of repair. When this trailer is full, we will swap it for an empty. Damaged pallets are then repaired or replaced and returned to your facility. This allows you to dispose of broken pallets and receive new ones from a single provider without storing anything in your own facility.

Request Pallet Services

Speak to our sales team about sourcing used pallets. You may fill out our webform to request pallet services, or call us directly to speak to our team.