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3 questions to ask when evaluating a new pallet supplier

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Pallets are a crucial link in the modern supply chain. The ability to safely transport and store goods contributes to our global economy on a grand scale, and wooden pallets are the workhorses that make it happen. When sourcing pallets, you need to be able to trust your pallet supplier to come through on tight deadlines with quality goods. Here are the top 3 questions to ask when evaluating a new pallet supplier.

1 | Does this facility have the production capacity to fulfill your pallet order, and do they have enough pallets in stock?

One of the biggest obstacles to sourcing pallets on time can be finding in-stock pallets in the quantities you need. Many manufacturers can produce any quantity you request given enough lead time, but you don’t always have time to wait, especially if you have already experienced shipping setbacks or missed deadlines. So finding a pallet supplier who keeps a stock of ready-to-go pallets in large quantities can tell you this will be a good pallet source going forward.

At McNeilly Wood Products, our facility produces up to 6,000 new and reconditioned pallets per day, the equivalent of 11 standard trailer loads. That means we’ve got you covered, no matter your shipping volume!

2 | Does this facility have the infrastructure and ability to distribute pallets where you need them?

Just having the pallets in stock won’t matter if they lack the infrastructure to deliver your order on time. When assessing a pallet supplier, ask if they do pallet deliveries and how many trailers and tractors they have. Usually, the larger the fleet, the more seamless the deliveries. If they don’t do deliveries, you might have to arrange the pickup yourself, which can result in problems if you can’t source transportation quickly.

We all know what delays in pallet orders mean: delayed or canceled shipments, frustrated customers, and dipping revenues. It’s why, in addition to choosing a strategic location for our manufacturing facility (in Orange County NY, with warehousing and pallet distribution hubs nearby in NJ ports), we own a large fleet that allows us to do our own trucking and pallet delivery to eliminate hold-ups in shipping and receiving.

3 | How well does this pallet supplier respond to emergency orders and quick-turn pallet requests?

The ability of a supplier to respond to emergency pallet orders will largely depend on their overall production capacity and ability to do their own trucking and deliveries. You want a supplier with a huge stock you can access when your shipping volume increases. Additionally, you want to work with a supplier with infrastructure and equipment to do the trucking and deliveries independently. Ask the supplier about how they’ve responded to emergency orders with other clients, and what their typical lead time is on new pallet orders.

Consistency is the goal of any reliable pallet manufacturer.

Pallets aren’t rocket science, but they are a crucial cog in shipping and receiving. Our team at McNeilly has been crafting quality wood products for shipping for over 75 years, and our clients depend on our ability to deliver consistent quality and service with every order. We aim to establish long-term customer relationships that streamline your pallet ordering needs, so when emergency pallet needs arise, you know exactly who to call. Contact our capable sales team to discuss your next pallet order!

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