Tips for Safely Handling and Storing Your Wooden Pallets

In the business world, wooden pallets are an essential tool for handling and transporting materials and products across various industries. However, if not handled properly, they can pose a significant safety risk to workers and potentially damage the goods. Following a comprehensive list of guidelines can help ensure you are properly handling and storing your […]

The Different Types of Shipping Pallets and Their Uses

Pallets are an excellent way for companies to store and transport their products organizationally, efficiently, and safely. However, many business owners do not realize that these pallets come in various types, each with its own specific uses and functions. So, how do you decide what type of pallet will work best for your company and […]

Should You be Using Recycled Shipping Pallets?

As a sturdy transport platform for goods between one location and another, shipping pallets play an essential role in logistics and supply chain management. With over 50 years of experience manufacturing and supplying shipping pallets in New York, McNeilly has seen many changes in the industry over the decades. One area where McNeilly has been […]