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Best Types of Wooden Pallets for International Shipping

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When it comes to international shipping, choosing the right type of wooden pallet is crucial. At McNeilly, we manufacture thousands of pallets daily for all industries and understand the unique needs of businesses looking to ship their products overseas. In this article, we will discuss the best types of wooden pallets for international shipping, including heat-treated pallets, ISPM-15 compliant pallets, export pallets, Euro pallets, and military pallets.

Each of these options has its own set of benefits and features that make it suitable for specific shipping needs. By understanding the different options available, you can make an informed decision on the best wooden pallets for your business.

Heat-Treated Pallets

Heat-treated pallets, also known as HT pallets, are a popular choice for international shipping due to their ability to withstand extreme temperatures and harsh environments. These pallets are treated with high heat in order to kill any pests or insects that may be present in the wood, making them compliant with regulations in many countries. Heat-treated pallets are also durable and able to handle heavy loads, making them a reliable choice for long-distance shipping.

ISPM-15 Compliant Pallets

ISPM-15, or International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures No. 15, is a set of regulations put in place to prevent the spread of pests and diseases through international trade. If you are shipping wooden pallets internationally, they must be ISPM-15 compliant in order to clear customs. ISPM-15 compliant pallets are treated with heat or chemicals in order to meet these regulations, ensuring that they are safe for use in any country.

Export Pallets

Export pallets, also known as one-way pallets, are designed specifically for use in international shipping. Compared to other types of wooden pallets, they are also inexpensive, making them a cost-effective choice for one-time use. However, export pallets may not be as durable as other options and may not be suitable for heavy loads, so be sure to consult with your supplier to ensure your pallets will stand up to the trip.

EPAL Pallets

Euro pallets, also known as EPAL pallets, are a standardized size and design that is commonly used in Europe. These pallets are made from high-quality wood and are able to withstand heavy loads, making them a popular choice for international shipping. In addition to their strength and durability, Euro pallets are also easy to stack and handle, making them a convenient option for logistics and transportation.

One key difference between EPAL standards and ISPM-15 regulations is that EPAL pallets are specifically designed for use within the European Union, while ISPM-15 applies to all international trade.

Military Pallets

Military pallets are designed to meet the strict standards and requirements of the military. These pallets are made from durable materials and are able to withstand extreme conditions, making them a reliable choice for international shipping. Military pallets are also standardized in size and design, making them easy to transport and handle.

How to choose pallets for international shipping

Your best bet is just to ask a knowledgeable pallet manufacturer! Whether you need heat-treated pallets for pest control, ISPM-15 compliant pallets for customs compliance, export pallets for durability, Euro pallets for standardization, or military pallets for heavy duty operations, there is a wooden pallet option that can meet your needs. To ensure the success of your international shipping operations, contact our pallet sales team!

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