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The Different Types of Shipping Pallets and Their Uses


Pallets are an excellent way for companies to store and transport their products organizationally, efficiently, and safely. However, many business owners do not realize that these pallets come in various types, each with its own specific uses and functions. So, how do you decide what type of pallet will work best for your company and products?

In today’s article, we are going to explore the several types of pallets, what makes each of them unique, and what their uses are so that you can invest in the best ones for your individual needs.

Block/Deck Board Pallet

In facilities that stack products on shelves or racks, block pallets provide a stable platform for transport. This is because boarded decks are featured on the top of block/deck board pallets, while cylindrical posts are found on the bottom. With a forklift or pallet jack, these pallets can be accessed from any side, making them versatile enough for use anywhere.

Stringer Pallet

As their name states, Stringer Pallets are designed to provide additional load support by installing stringers between the top and bottom deck boards. Compared to traditional block pallets, these pallets are stronger because they have reinforced deck boards.

Stringer pallets contain slightly more materials than block pallets, which makes them incrementally more expensive. In spite of this, they are vital for supporting heavy and dense loads when storing or transporting them. 

Winged Pallet

Using a wing pallet, users can transport a greater volume of goods on a single pallet since the deck boards extend beyond the stringers. Other than the wings, the design of these pallets is nearly identical to a standard board pallet. It is ideal for transporting many goods using wing pallets, especially lightweight items.

Solid Deck Pallet

A solid deck pallet is composed of multiple deck boards or a single piece of plastic, wood, or metal, and there are no gaps between the deck boards. These pallets are designed for transporting or storing smaller products that would otherwise be caught in block pallet gaps.

How to Know What Pallet to Choose

Pallets should be chosen based on their intended use case when choosing between different types. The best pallet option for your business is one that allows you to store or ship your products safely without risking damage.

It is also important to consider factors such as durability, cost, and reusability. You may be able to transport your products safely with the cheapest pallet, but replacing it every time you use it will quickly wipe away any initial cost savings you may have incurred, ultimately not saving you money in the long run and producing more waste than necessary.

If you are struggling to decide which pallet is appropriate for your company and its product, contact the McNeilly team today! Our team has the expertise and experience to understand the exact needs of your business and the product you are storing. We can help you find the optimal pallet size, weight capacity, and material for your product and company.

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